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Breakfast And Lunch Meal Ideas With Organic Bread
24 September 2017

If you want to stock up on one healthy pantry item


Breakfast And Lunch Meal Ideas With Organic Bread

If you want to stock up on one healthy pantry item to have on hand for any type of meal, consider purchasing organic bread, such as from Klosterman Baking Company. Made with fresh, wholesome ingredients such as whole wheat, rolled oats, flax meal and even nuts, organic bread will nourish your family any time of day.

You can easily tailor the meal according to the type of bread you have, such as sourdough, French, marble rye or pumpernickel. Use the bread as a starting point for breakfast or lunch, and then work any other ingredients you have around it. Because it's typically preservative-free, organic bread is best enjoyed fresh, but you can extend its life by putting it into the refrigerator, or even freezing it, for a few days or more. 

Although sandwiches make delicious and convenient use of bread, there are a variety of recipes you can incorporate the kitchen staple into. Don't be afraid of using a little culinary creativity when transforming organic bread into a filling and nutritious meal.

Here are some ways you can work organic bread into your daily dishes:


1. Eggs-in-a-Hole

If you're looking for a fast breakfast that will provide ample protein for everyone in your family, try eggs-in-a-hole. Simply remove a small circle from the center of a piece of bread, place it in a baking dish, and then crack an egg into the whole. Bake until the egg is cooked through, and serve with bacon, sausage or fresh fruit. You can easily package the bread up to eat on-the-go.

2. French Toast Sticks

When you're looking for a delicious way to use up your white bread, cut the slices into 3-inch sticks, soak them in an egg mixture, and then pan-fry until they're golden brown. Top the sticks with syrup or powdered sugar for a weekend-worthy breakfast. 


1. Toast-Topped Soup

A fun way to make a bowl of soup more filling is by topping it with a piece of toast. For instance, place a piece of toasted organic rye bread onto French onion soup, or cover homemade chicken noodle soup with sourdough toast instead of crackers.

For extra flavor, spread garlic butter over the toast. 

2. Open-Faced Toast Sandwiches

For a lighter lunch that is still satisfying, top a slice of toasted bread with mouth-watering ingredients such as fresh, creamy avocado slices. Other open-faced sandwich topping ideas include cream cheese and smoked salmon or sliced cucumbers, brie and ham, or bananas and peanut butter.